Jade Lizard - Large Profit Range

Using Options to Set Up Huge Profitability Ranges in SPY with Jade Lizard Strategy

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Many of you reading this have probably never sold or traded an option in your entire investing tenure. And most probably are still fighting the dogma you have been force fed about options being weapons of mass destruction. Or that options are much more risky than stock. Or that options are purely for speculation and offer huge amounts of leverage. When in fact the original creation of the options market was for that of risk transfer and mitigation. Meaning you can and in my opinion should be using options to reduce your risk in the financial markets. My favorite two strategies for beginners are the short cash secured put and the covered call (link to a guest post I wrote for Financial …

Markets don't go up forever

Markets Don’t Go Up Forever!

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Here are some questions that could be going through your head: With the market down close to 10% from the September high of 201.9, is this a buying opportunity? Should I be short the market betting there is more downside to come? Is the Bull Market over? How do I prepare for the next “opportunity of a lifetime?” After hitting a low of 660 back in March of 2009, is this Bull Run finally over after 6 impressive years? How does the Feds’ decision to end QE this month play into the recent price action over the past month? Is it a coincidence? Are prices still over-valued? Are we entering a new Bear Market? Will volatility be short-lived or remain elevated for some time to …