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[Guest Post] Freedom Fighter Interview #16 – Mr. Z

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Today we have our 16th Freedom Fighter interview in this series. I should point out that these guest interviews will continue but at a much slower pace than the once a week schedule we have been following through summer of 2015. I love sharing other peoples stories with you all, but I need to make room for a little more original content. So, through October, we will be publishing one interview every two weeks, and then from November on it will be one a month. All the way from the UK, today’g guest, Mr. Z, is breaking away from the Zombie Horde of what he calls the consumerism apocalypse. He is is looking to reach his definition of Financial Freedom …

Freedom Fighter Interview 14

[Guest Post] Freedom Fighter Interview #14 – Hannah

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Today we have the 14th in a series of interviews. Our guest is Hannah of  Unplanned Finance. Hannah is a mom, wife, business intelligence consultant, and aspiring entrepreneur. In fact she has aspirations to build a business that produces $1 Billion a year in revenues. Now I will turn it over to Hannah… 1) Who are you and what do you do? What is your story? How are you fighting for your Freedom? Where did you start, where in the journey are you, and where do you ultimately want to end up? I am Hannah. I am a wife to an aspiring engineer (husband is in grad school), a mom (to a two year old son), and a business intelligence consultant for a large retail …