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[Guest Post] Freedom Fighter Interview #15 – Cash Flow Diaries

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Today we have the 15th in a series of interviews. Our guest is Alexander of  Cash Flow Diaries and he is fighting his hardest to exit the corporate rate race a multi-millionaire. Just this year he started his blog to track his journey to Financial Freedom with a focus on Real Estate as his main asset class of choice (specifically turnkey real estate). Last I checked Alexander had just picked up his 3rd turnkey rental and 6th property overall.  This guy is killing it and has actually has inspired me to look into the turnkey real estate space for potential investments. Now I will turn it over to Alexander… The dream: Picture this!  With your family, wife/girlfriend, husband/boyfriend whatever! Wearing flip flops, white sand, …

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[Guest Post] Freedom Fighter Interview #12 – Even Steven Money

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Today we have the 12th in a series of interviews. During this series we will be show casing other Freedom Fighters from around the world. I am excited to introduce you to our twelfth guest, Even Steven Money. Read Steven’s awesome story below. And if you would like to be featured in the Freedom Fighter interview series then be sure to check out the Guest Posting page for more information (it’s open to anyone that is willing to share their fight for freedom: Time Freedom, Location Freedom, and Financial Freedom). Now I will turn it over to Even Steven… My name is Steven and I write about paying off debt and my journey to financial independence over at Even Steven Money.  I currently work in corporate America …

Thursday Rant #1: The Office Time Keeper

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Leaving the work force and going out on my own is an eventual goal. However, I don’t plan on doing that anytime soon as there are other goals on my list that actually involve staying in the work force (at least for a while or until something better comes along). Because of this, I have to put up with some of the annoyances that go on in a traditional day JOB. First let me point out that I am a salaried professional. In my mind this means that as long as I get my job done in a timely fashion, that it should not matter the hours I hold, or the location I choose to work. However, I work for a …