FOCUS: Follow One Course Until Success

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Do you find yourself getting distracted from the core of what you set out to accomplish this year? If so, it’s an appropriate time to remind you to FOCUS and to recite what this acronym stands for: Follow One Course Until Success It’s natural to get off course. If you think about it, a space craft headed to the moon is only on course 1% of the time. The remaining 99% of the time it is actually course-correcting, buffeted off a straight trajectory by unforseen factors and occurrences, redirecting itself back on track to its destination. The important thing is that the space craft has the right systems and disciplines in place to redirect back towards the goal when it gets off course. Like the space …

2017 Goals

2017 Goals – Go Big or Go Home – But Focus

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In any given year I usually have a dozen or so goals. But sometime during the middle of 2016 it dawned on me that maybe less is more. If I set less goals, I could shoot for a much bigger outcome. I could be more focused. Less really could be more. For 2017 I have several themes: Slow Down – Mrs. GYFG and myself have been pushing very hard for a long time, but this past year was like no other. Our careers will still be plenty demanding, but we are going to make an active effort to slow down a bit. For me in particular, it shouldn’t be too hard, we finally completed the massive deal we had been working on …