May 2015 Net Worth

May 2015 – Detailed Financial Report #5 – Net Worth $210,853 [+16.3% YTD]

Gen Y Finance Guy Monthly Financial Reports 24 Comments

GYFG here checking in for the May monthly financial report. For those of you that are new around this corner of the internet, I wanted to fill you in as to what these reports are all about. These monthly reports are about full transparency. They are just as much for me as they are for you. It’s a hard decision to make all of your financial details public, but it’s also a very motivating one. It’s not just the post, but the process of putting this post together that really benefits me. My sincere hope is that my transparency will inspire you to take the helm of your own financial ship and be intentional with its direction. I truly believe that anyone can …

April 2015 – Detailed Financial Report #4

Gen Y Finance Guy Monthly Financial Reports 24 Comments

The year is officially 33% complete.  I can honestly say this is the post I get most excited about writing each and every month. (Mr. CEO here – One thing I want to say right now before we get too far, is that THIS POST….THIS VERY POST is our 50th post. WOW!!! Can you believe it!? Time is absolutely flying by) WOW! That is amazing that we are already on post number 50!!! (I love those little !!!!!) These reports are a way for me to track my progress and stay accountable to my goals. But it’s also one of the many ways I try to humanize finance for all of you reading this blog. By the way, in case you …