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[Guest Post] Freedom Fighter Interview #25 – The Frugal Vagabond

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Today, the blog is taken over by the Frugal Vagabond. He and his fiancé have already traveled to 30 different countries together and have no plan to stop traveling anytime soon. Actually, they are on track to hit early retirement in 2019, where they plan to become full time Vagabonds. Their goal is to accumulate $600,000 in stocks and bonds and enough rental real estate to produce $3,000/month in rental income. By their math this would give them the $5,000/month they believe they need to support their early retirement Vagabond lifestyle. Who are you and what do you do? What is your story? How are you fighting for your Freedom? Where did you start, where in the journey are you, and …

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[Guest Post] Freedom Fighter Interview #17 – Selina @ Financial Buddha

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Today we have our 17th Freedom Fighter interview in this series. Selina calls the Pacific North West home at the moment, but plans to potentially settle down somewhere in California or Colorado in her future plans. At only 25 she is currently enjoying what Tim Ferriss calls a mini retirement in the 4 hour work week. After getting out of college, she used her 9-5 to amass a nice chunk of F-You Money. She plans to go back to work to start stashing cash away in order to hit her goal of financial independence by the time she is 30 (she is already 1/3 of the way there). But I will let Selina tell you all about it in her interview below… Who are …

[Guest Post] Freedom Fighter Interview #8 – Kevin Shryock

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Today we have the 8th of a series of interviews. During this series we will be show casing other Freedom Fighters from around the world. I am excited to introduce you to our eighth guest, Kevin Shryock of Read Kevin’s awesome story below. And if you would like to be featured in the Freedom Fighter interview series then be sure to check out the Guest Posting page for more information (it’s open to anyone that is willing to share their fight for freedom: Time Freedom, Location Freedom, and Financial Freedom). Now I will turn it over to Kevin… I used to think that all you need to become rich is a thrifty mindset and a well-paying job. Now I know better. I graduated …