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Hey, Freedom Fighter!

Ever tried to physically build something? Ever tried to build something with a screwdriver, and then been handed a power drill to get the same job done? Your efforts become stressless, and your output optimizes geometrically. The wrong tools might still get the job done (maybe), but it takes a lot more time, and a lot more struggle than using the right ones!

Building your financial independence is at least as hard as building a physical project: lots of moving parts, lots of factors to keep track of.

I love an elegant spreadsheet. I use them for everything. Over my wealth-building journey, I have created some pretty epic spreadsheets to help me manage my finances, and because I play nicely with others…

I’m happy to hand you the “power drills” of your own Financial Independence, a full toolkit of my finest instruments, FREE, just for hanging around the GYFG community.

I’ve packaged some of my top spreadsheets together for you in my Financial Independence toolkit, including:

  • Personal income statement
  • Financial stats dashboard
  • Savings rate calculator
  • Financial independence tracking

Everything a Freedom Fighter like you needs to build the most excellent treehouse of wealth!

How about a peek inside?

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Download the toolkit by the link below. (I did say FREE, right? My gift to you.)

Click Here To Download



P.S. The instructions on how to use the spreadsheets are inside. Make sure you enable macros when prompted.