May 2017 Income Report

May 2017 – Detailed Financial Report #29 – Net Worth $558,202 | Income $23,452

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GYFG here checking in for the May monthly financial report. If you have been reading these reports for a while you will notice that I introduce each month with the same intro month after month. I do this for two reasons; a) for the newbies to the site (which make up about 50% of the sites traffic); and b) to remind everyone what these reports are all about. By all means if you have read the intro at least once, then please feel free to skip down to the “Summary of May 2017” section where the new content begins. For those of you that are new around this corner of the internet, I wanted to fill you in as to what these …

Rental Mindset

[Guest Post] Freedom Fighter Interview #24 – Brian @ Rental Mindset

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Our guest today is a fellow Gen Y Freedom Fighter. Brian successfully broke away from the traditional day job to run his own business and now has set his sights on financial freedom. He plans to get there by investing in cash flow rental properties located thousands of miles away. Let’s turn it over to Brian… I’ve always looked at things a bit differently than most, somehow devoid of the fear of looking stupid by going against the crowd. Five years ago, at the age of 25, I quit my well-paying Silicon Valley tech job and blasted out this email to everyone I knew: Have you ever been to a wild and crazy retirement party? Well this Friday night is …

[Guest Post] Mr. CEO’s First Blog Post – EVER

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Alright GYFG, I think it’s time for me to start telling people what I have to say since you seem to be having all the fun. Before we get too far, I wanted to throw out a quick “about me” so people know who I am and why I am here. [Mr. GYFG – just for fun I will interject occasionally] Here’s my bullet point version: Born in 1979 (so I am just barely part of Gen Y – but I am claiming it!!!) [Mr. GYFG – its close enough] I went to school to be an English Literature teacher and yet keep finding myself in Finance roles. [Mr. GYFG – good thing one of us understands how to communicate using the English language] …