Wunder Capital

[Sponsored Post] Wunder Capital – Investment Returns From Everyday Sunlight – Earn Up To 7.5%

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The internet has revolutionized what we can invest in and how we can invest our money. These days it’s actually easier to make a list of things you can’t invest in, rather than those you can. There are now hundreds if not thousands of investment platforms popping up all over the internet. The internet has democratized and demonetized the barriers to investment, at least those that were once only open to the rich or institutional investors. Just as I am writing this post from the comfort of my home so to can you invest across any asset class imaginable. Unfortunately, there are still some investments that require you to be an accredited investor, like Wunder Capital, the investment platform I am going to …

Personal Capital Review

[Review] Personal Capital is AWESOME & FREE – Here’s Why

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As many of you know, I go through the exercise of producing a detailed monthly financial report each and every month on this blog. In order to provide an up to date report I have to access a number of accounts: Two Checking Accounts Two Savings Accounts Two Mortgages Four retirement accounts (one 401K, two IRAs, one SEP IRA) Seven Credit Cards (which we pay off completely every month) One Regular after-tax brokerage account One P2P lending account One REIT account (Rich Uncles) Total accounts = 20 (and likely growing) The task of logging into these accounts is the easy part (but still cumbersome). But the thought of manually categorizing all this income, expenses, investments, assets, liabilities, etc. is daunting! There …