Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Rich Uncles Now Available in All 50 States!

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Reading Time: 7 minutesThe moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived! The Rich Uncles real estate crowdfunding platform originally launched as a California based fund that invested in Commercial Real Estate, but was only available to California residents only. Then it launched its national fund, which opened up the investment opportunity to many states, but not all 50. That is…until now! I found Rich Uncles back in 2015 when I invested in their first fund, the Rich Uncles Real Estate Investment Trust I. The fact that I was a new investor in the crowdfunding space and Rich Uncles was a relatively new company, led me to tiptoe in by investing $5,000, and then to sit back and just watch. I wanted to …

Accidental Landlord

[Guest Post] The Accidental Landlord: How to Decide to Sell or Rent Your Old Home

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Reading Time: 6 minutesToday’s post is a guest submission from Zolo, Canada’s largest real estate brokerage firm. An “accidental landlord” doesn’t buy a property with the intention of turning it into a rental, but rather falls into that situation after deciding to do so down the road. The GYFG household has been an “accidental landlord,” and although it turned out okay when we sold our property ten years after we purchased it, we were very happy to ultimately dispose of it. Yet, although we were glad to sell, that doesn’t mean we would not be open to “landlording” again one day in the future; in fact, we have plans to eventually upgrade at least one more time, with the renting out of our current …

Rich Uncles

The Easiest Side Hustle: Invest in Commercial Real Estate and Earn Passive Income Every Month (I’ve Invested $50,000)

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Reading Time: 6 minutesI first came across Rich Uncles in 2015, when my wife and I were contemplating buying a second piece of investment real estate. Our first was our “accidental investment” condo. Managing the condo was a series of headaches our first few years as accidental landlords, and we eventually hired a $100/month property manager for the rental, as we didn’t enjoy the process. It took twelve years of holding onto the condo before we could sell for a price that was break-even to its original 2005 purchase price (sold eventually in October 2017). This is all to explain why we ultimately decided to exit the business of holding physical real estate for investment purposes. We would rather have a balance sheet with little to no …

PeerStreet Investing

PeerStreet – $0 to $77,089.49 in 5 Months

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Reading Time: 4 minutesI wrote about PeerStreet for the first time back in March of 2017 after I had been invited to visit their HQ and interview their founders. Since then I have aggressively grown my investment accounts with them in a little less than five months. I want to take a deeper dive into the platform and the investments I’m holding in one of my two accounts (it’s a self-directed IRA). Navigating the Platform Assuming you have already set up your account (if not, you can do so here), the first screen you see after logging in is the investments tab that gives you a high-level view of your account as well as available investments: One thing I have noticed is that new …

Real Estate Crowdfunding Platforms

[Guest Post] Readers Experience Investing in Real Estate on Crowdfunding Platforms

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Reading Time: 6 minutesToday a reader takes control of the GYFG keyboard and shares his experience investing in real estate through various platforms, including my favorite PeerStreet (my $80,000 portfolio will be revealed in about two weeks). RadCrowd as he goes by online, has some great takeaways, so be sure to read entire post. By RadCrowd My journey into real estate crowdfunding began over a year ago when I started to explore opportunities for passive income. I had come off a tough week at my work-a-day job as a physician and came to the realization that continuing at my current pace was resulting in burnout. Instead of trading my time for dollars, I really needed my dollars to start working harder for me. I began to investigate …

Real Estate Crowdfunding

[Guest Post] Crowdfunding real estate investments – yes it exists!

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Reading Time: 5 minutesI have recently become pretty obsessed with online real estate crowdfunding, so when Marcel reached out to me to share a post on the topic with the GYFG community, I immediately agreed. This is a very basic overview of this blossoming investment class, and be on the look out for a full run down of my investments with PeerStreet in the next couple of weeks. Real estate investing doesn’t find much favor amongst certain investors because of a few common perceptions. Perception 1: You need lots of capital to start – Some people think that real estate investing is a rich person’s game. You need money to get in. While I’d argue that you can start investing with little capital …

Cash In Refinance

Cash-in Refinance – 16.5% Cash on Cash Return

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Reading Time: 7 minutesMost of the time when you hear about refinancing it is usually along the lines of locking in a lower rate and/or cashing out during the refinance. You don’t read or hear much about a cash-in refinance and how the returns could really be worth consideration. My wife and I currently find ourselves about 10 years into the 5/1 ARM on our investment condo. It didn’t start out as an investment. Actually, it is an interesting story on how we even became the owners of the condo. My wife’s parents had bought it back in 2005 before the market went off a cliff during the depths of the financial crisis. They paid $257,500 for it and put about $50,000 down. …

Cost of Use

Calculating Cost of Use – A Simple Solution to the Buy vs. Rent Choice

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Reading Time: 6 minutesOne of the interesting ways that I have come to look at things is by using the concept of the “Cost of Use.” Today I want to apply this concept to answer the ever controversial question of buying vs. Renting. As you have probably witnessed firsthand, like just about every topic in personal finance there is always a polarized stance on these types of topics. On the one hand you have the camp that believes you should buy a house no matter what and on the other side there is the camp that says you should never buy and rent for the rest of your life. But in reality, where you and I live, the answer to whether you should …

My Rich Uncles

My Rich Uncles Got Me Into Commercial Real Estate

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Reading Time: 7 minutesFor the past six months, we had been thinking that our next big move would be to pick up a 2nd rental property. We were pretty set that we would do this sometime between September of 2015 and March of 2016. Living in Southern California, we were looking at investing in something with a price tag between $200K and $300K. This price range would require a down payment between $40K and $60K (assuming 20% down). Then you have closing costs which I would estimate at another $3,000, which is a bit on the low end, but that’s because we have friends and family in just about every step of the real estate transaction. In order to make this happen on …