Rant #7

Rant #7 – You Can’t Force a Horse to Drink

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People never fail to amaze me in this world. It is quite amazing how illogical people can be. As you all may recall, I recently wrote about the analysis and decision I made to go solar…it was a no brainer. Well, anytime I get excited about something, I naturally share that excitement with others. I pretty much become an evangelist. My wife and I were having dinner one night a few weeks back catching up with her parents. They had just returned from a month long road trip. I had brought up the fact that we had decided to go Solar while they were gone. They were immediately interested, so I proceeded to tell them everything I had learned over …

The Kirby

Rant #6 – The Kirby Salesman Got Me in 2010 (for $2,200)

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Have you ever come across a salesman that was just so good that you forgot you were actually being sold to? When the Kirby salesman came to our condo in 2010, he did such a great job demonstrating the demo that I had to have one. He went on and one about the features & benefits: Kirby vacuums are made entirely of metal, they are real tools instead of your plastic toy vacuum. All Kirby vacuums come with a lifetime warranty. The Kirby had two motors so the sucking power would never be degradation like other vacuums that only ran on one motor. One motor is used to propel or drive the vacuum, while the other is used to suck …

co signing for a car loan

Monday Rant #5 – Lesson Learned Co-Signing for a Car Loan

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If you’re thinking about co-signing on a loan for a friend or family member, maybe you should reconsider. I know we all want to help out our friends and family. But, I am going to share a story with you about my experience with co-signing. It cost me about $3,000…ouch! Before we get started there is one thing you need to internalize: no one cares about your money as much as you do! The 1st and last time I ever co-signed a loan It was 2006 and my dad had just been released from prison on parole for good behavior…AGAIN. Anybody that has read my story knows that it is a scene out of the movies, but it was real life for me. I …

DIY Rant

Thursday Rant #4 – DIY Home Improvement

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If you have been hanging around the personal finance community for any length of time you have probably noticed a trend of DIY’ers (DIY = Do It Yourself). This is especially true from the bloggers that are part of the massive frugality movement. The most prolific of the bloggers, leader of the Extreme Frugality movement, Mr. Money Mustache has been known to take on some massive DIY projects. I will be the first to admit that MMM is very talented and from his writings it sounds like he really enjoys the work. During his most recent project that he documented on his blog, he installed a home-brewed heating system: “In a nutshell, this involved running thousands of feet of PEX pipe under my existing wood …

Thursday Rant #3 – Dear Boss, You Suck!

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It’s been two months to the day since the office time-keeper threw me under the bus. I guess it should be no surprise that she strikes again. The first time bothered me, but this one absolutely pissed me off. They say, “It is better to be pissed off, than pissed on.” But I am not so sure I agree (since I feel like it was me getting pissed on that pissed me off). [Mr. CEO here] – Seriously, that was a disgusting image you just painted in my head.  Hold on to your computers, tablets, and phones, THIS one is going to be a fun read. GYFG texted, messaged and called me about this one from work. I had to talk him off the …

Thursday Rant #2 – Office Lotto Pools

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Let me first get my confession in before I get too deep into this rant. Yes, I admit that I have played the lottery once in my life when I turned 18 and was old enough to buy a lottery ticket. My purchase even included some scratchers. But in my defense, this is sort of a rite of passage. Doesn’t everyone go out on their 18th birthday to buy cigarettes, porn, and some lotto tickets??? OK, so maybe buying porn is a bit old school. Let’s be honest no one pays for porn anymore when they can get it online for free. Needless to say, I didn’t win millions the one and only time I played the lotto. Now onto …

Thursday Rant #1: The Office Time Keeper

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Leaving the work force and going out on my own is an eventual goal. However, I don’t plan on doing that anytime soon as there are other goals on my list that actually involve staying in the work force (at least for a while or until something better comes along). Because of this, I have to put up with some of the annoyances that go on in a traditional day JOB. First let me point out that I am a salaried professional. In my mind this means that as long as I get my job done in a timely fashion, that it should not matter the hours I hold, or the location I choose to work. However, I work for a …