10 Year Vision

A Letter I Wrote To Myself From The Future – A 10 Year Vision Of My Life

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2021: I’m republishing this post one final time to reflect on the future I had cast for my life almost a decade ago. With this last and final update, I will add any additional annotations with blue text throughout the letter below. In the near future, I plan to provide a similar style of update and reflection in the second letter I wrote myself in 2019 as I began to future cast the next decade, which did have three years of overlap with this ten-year vision of my life. 2016: Below is a letter I wrote to myself back in October of 2012. It was an exercise that I was inspired to complete while reading Darren Hardy’s book “Living Your …

LateFIRE 2019 Goals

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What a year this has been! Thanks for the memories, 2018; it was another continuous 12-month adventure with so many things learned, both outside and inside myself. Looking ahead to 2019, I am excited. I have been thinking about this for months, and like Dom, have already started my actions towards these goals. Why wait? My plans and goals strategize four categories: Health, Finances, Business, and Personal Development. Health S-goals: stronger, smaller, sweatier, sleepier, sippier. My mom has Alzheimer’s Disease, which is one of the reasons I take my health seriously. I want to take any and all steps to reduce own my risks for developing AD. To that end, I am focusing on improving these five factors of health. …


My 2019 Goals: Family, Fitness, Finance, and Fun

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Small habits don’t add up, they compound. You don’t need to be twice as good to get twice the results. You just need to be slightly better. — James Clear Not too long ago I used to set a monster list of goals. Over time I realized two things during my annual reflections: 1. I was putting things down on my goal list that I was already going to do anyway because it was automatic based on my habits; and 2. that 10 to 20 goals were way too much to accomplish anything meaningful. In November I finished listening to Atomic Habits and had another realization about goal setting. My big takeaway from that book was that it was the system …

Where The Goals, Where The Goals, Where The Goals At?

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I’d say this post was inspired by a DMX song but I don’t want to scare anyone off before they even start reading. The only thing inspired by DMX is the title of this post. I figured that since we are eight months into the years as I peck at the keyboard today it would be a good time to see how much progress has been made towards the goals I set for 2018. This isn’t the first time I have reviewed the goals since setting them, it’s just time I’ve provided an update on the blog. It’s important to remember that setting a goal is only step zero. You then have to take daily action to achieve your goals. This …

2018 Goals

My 2018 Goals

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Where in the heck did 2017 go? Do you remember how slow time used to pass by when you were ten years old? I didn’t believe adults when they told me that time speeds up as you get older. As kids, we wish time would go faster and then the switch flips around high school graduation and we start wishing time would just slow down. Why do we perceive time differently as kids then we do as adults? I tend to believe that as a ten-year-old kid, a year feels longer because it makes up a much more significant percentage of our life. A year to a ten-year-old is 10% of that kid’s life. On the flip side, a year to …

2017 Big Money Goals

Big Money Moves – Mid-Year Check-Up – What Has GYFG Been Up To?

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Way back in February I shared 5 big money goals and I thought with only 4 months left to the year that it would be a good time to circle back and see how I’m doing against those goals. It’s probably also a good time to update things that have changed vs. the plan I laid out months ago. Before we jump into the financial goals I laid out earlier this year, I would like to share a very relevant quote with you: No battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy. The short of it is that not everything has gone according to plan in 2017. That said, I can’t really complain because things are still moving up and …

10 Year Vision

[Guest Post] 10-Year Vision Series # 1 – Founders of The Mastermind Within

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A few months ago, I shared the letter I wrote myself from the perspective of 10 years into the future, the idea was to write describe your life based on anything you wanted or wanted to accomplish (as if it had already happened). After publishing that post and inviting guest submissions, the bloggers at “The Mastermind Within” volunteered to participate. Below you will find the letters they wrote as a vision for their lives over the next 10 years (both Erik & Henry participated). Dear Henry William Ross Jones, March 23rd 2017 was one of the most important days in your life.  I would not be writing to you the man I am today 10 years in the future.  You took …

New Year, New Me

Monthly Goal Check-in #12 – 2016 Full Year Review

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What a year 2016 turned out to be. As many of you who have already read my short list of 2017 goals know, this year I am guilty of setting too many goals. I have reached a point in my life where it makes a lot more sense to set less goals with more focus. I have been telling people that in the past it was all about going broad (a mile wide and an inch deep) and in 2017 and beyond it is about going deep (an inch wide and a mile deep). That’s not to say I would change my approach that served me well over the past decade, just that this year proved it was time to …

2017 Goals

2017 Goals – Go Big or Go Home – But Focus

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In any given year I usually have a dozen or so goals. But sometime during the middle of 2016 it dawned on me that maybe less is more. If I set less goals, I could shoot for a much bigger outcome. I could be more focused. Less really could be more. For 2017 I have several themes: Slow Down – Mrs. GYFG and myself have been pushing very hard for a long time, but this past year was like no other. Our careers will still be plenty demanding, but we are going to make an active effort to slow down a bit. For me in particular, it shouldn’t be too hard, we finally completed the massive deal we had been working on …

Goal Check #11

Monthly Goal Check-in #11 – @ 12/1/2016

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The theme for November has been to focus on health and fitness. All of the financial goals have either been exceeded or are on autopilot to success through the end of the year. As I shared earlier in October, I placed a $1,000 bet with a co-worker, with the winner who loses the most weight winning. The bet was officially agreed on 10/7/16 and I had a starting weight of 228.4lbs (I will spare you with the before pictures…for now). Let’s just agree that I didn’t start at my leanest. That said, it will be fun to compare the before and after pictures when we make the final weigh in on 12/21/16. Below is my current weight loss trend over the …