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My $1,000 Weight Loss Bet – 11 Weeks to Lose 44 lbs

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The past 18 months have been incredibly busy with signicatly more attention and focus on the trajectory of my career (and thus finances) then on my own health & fitness. Part of the reason that I set a workout goal and nutrition goal was to try to play defense against the carnage to my waistline that was coming. I tend to work in boom and bust like cycles when it comes to my career, and when things are really booming, the buttons on my pants start busting :). Although I have been getting workouts in, they have not been given the intensity they deserve, but more importantly the nutrition side of the equation was way out of wack. It is true when …

The Path Is All Math

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A few weeks ago I heard a quote that really hit home with me: “The path is all Math” – Unknown I am naturally a numbers guy with a background in Finance and Analytics. I look at almost everything through the lens of a spreadsheet…at least at first glance. Anyways, it got me thinking about the simple math that got me to where I am today. On September 29th of 2012 I was at my best shape ever at 188lbs with about 8-9% body-fat. A little over two years later I was sitting at 220.8 (12-28-14) lbs. So if you do the math, it’s no surprise as to why I gained almost 34 lbs. I ran a cumulative calorie surplus …