A Certificate of Deposit that returns 100X my Chase savings interest rate

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As we all know, interest rates are at all-time historic lows, and therefore so are the interest rates paid on many savings accounts out there. I remember the days before the financial crisis when you could open an online only savings account through HSBC and collect a 5% interest rate. At the time I was still in college, but I still took advantage of this opportunity. For at least a year I found an arbitrage opportunity in the market where I could pay all my tuition and school expenses on my credit card and transfer the balance to a new card at a 0% interest rate for 12 months and then leave the cash I had in my online HSBC …

Markets don't go up forever

Markets Don’t Go Up Forever!

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Here are some questions that could be going through your head: With the market down close to 10% from the September high of 201.9, is this a buying opportunity? Should I be short the market betting there is more downside to come? Is the Bull Market over? How do I prepare for the next “opportunity of a lifetime?” After hitting a low of 660 back in March of 2009, is this Bull Run finally over after 6 impressive years? How does the Feds’ decision to end QE this month play into the recent price action over the past month? Is it a coincidence? Are prices still over-valued? Are we entering a new Bear Market? Will volatility be short-lived or remain elevated for some time to …