You already own your own business, even if you have a Boss???

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So like many of you I have a JOB! Yes, I do own a consulting business in the digital marketing and analytics space (which I shut down so I can put more focus and attention on this blog), but I also have a day job in Finance. And before I ever had a business (I have had several), I had always thought of myself as an EMPLOYEE and had aspired to one day own my own business and break away from working for “THE MAN.” At least that was how I looked at things until I had the pleasure of meeting Charlie, who provided me with a whole new framework. One weekend, at a conference for a previous employer, I got the …

I Make 6 Figures But I Hate My Job

I Make 6 Figures But I Hate My Job

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Let me be the first to come out and say that I never thought I would say that I hated a job that brought home six figures. And let me tell you why: I grew up dirt poor and lived on welfare as a kid. I slept on the floor of my grandmother’s two bedroom apartment with my other 4 brothers. Which by the way, the house was in a very poor neighborhood and was a part of section 8 housing, which means the rent was subsidized by the government. So normal rent might have been $1,000/month. However my grandmother was only responsible for $125/month, which she struggled to pay. My mother has never held down a job in her …