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November 2019 – Detailed Financial Report #59 – Net Worth $1,374,308 | Income $97,712

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Zoom! Did you hear that? That was the sound of November flying by. I’m writing this after returning from a long Thanksgiving weekend at the lake filled with lots of food, family, and fun. It was baby GYFG’s first time out at the lake but it won’t be his last. Mrs. GYFG’s parents have a houseboat and this annual trip during the Thanksgiving holiday has been a tradition for years. I love being out there in the middle of nowhere: so helpful for someone like me who has a hard time disconnecting. There is no internet or cell reception even if I wanted it, which is actually very liberating. The pace of November was much slower by design. Not only …

GYFG Household Income Grows From $101,336 to $1,050,000 in 12 Years

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I wrote myself a letter back in October of 2012 wherein I set out a vision for my life 10 years into the future. I can’t believe it has already been seven years since writing that letter (2.5 years since I shared it here on the blog). Many of the things I envisioned accomplishing have already come to fruition. I feel fortunate to have had such a clear vision of what I wanted to accomplish and to know where I wanted to be in my future life. I don’t think I would have been able to accomplish so much in a relatively short period of time if it were not for the act of sitting down, thinking through, and writing …


FIRE Starter – The Transformative Principle of “Go Around”

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You can find all of Zach’s previous posts here. Today, Zach introduces the “Go Around” principle. It reminds me of something I tell the guys that work for me on a regular basis and that’s “the value is in the solution, not in the problem.” Anyone can identify a problem. Anyone can complain about a problem. Anyone can come up with solutions to solve or “Go Around” the problem but choose not to. Please take Zach’s advice and embrace the principle of “Go Around.” I hope you enjoy Zach’s latest FIRE Starter post below. First, a Quick Reminder of Why I Started This Series For the astute observer, you will notice that I have added three new series to the …

Chasing FIRE Interview #10 – With Yours Truly – Gen Y Finance Guy

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As I do from time to time, I like to pass along guest posts I’ve done for others. Below is a guest post that I wrote for “Max Your Freedom” about a year ago. However, as I type, it appears that the blog has been sold and the site has changed drastically (for the worse in my opinion). You can read about Max in the interview he did for my site before he stopped blogging himself here. I’m bummed that Max is no longer blogging as I enjoyed reading his content and his charting skills were superb. It’s always interesting to re-read things from the past. I particularly enjoy reflecting back and being reminded of the progress that can be …


FIRE Starter – 20-Somethings: Stop Worrying About Finding Your Dream Job. Instead, Do These Two Things.

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You can find all of Zach’s previous posts here. Today, Zach discusses how to set yourself up for success in your career and create your own dream job. I have done just as he describes below and it has paid off handsomely. I can attest to the fact that the more skills you acquire, the more valuable you become to employers. The more valuable you are, the more money you earn. When you earn (and save) more money, you create more optionality in your life. Creating optionality allows you to go through life in a position of strength! His post may be addressed to the 20-Somethings, but the same advice applies to those people who got a later start in …

Income Report

October 2019 – Detailed Financial Report #58 – Net Worth $1,342,681 | Income $116,170

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And we’re back! Halloween always seems to be the line in the sand that separates summer from fall where I live and it marks the start of my favorite time of year. The weather has cooled down significantly and the AC will be off for the next six months. Even better, the clocks will “fall back” for daylight savings time in California and psychological trick or not, I always feel more rested when this happens. October was a month for records, both in the markets and the GYFG financials. It is also an odd month where our income hit an all-time high at $116,170, we deployed almost $225,000 in capital, and our savings rate was almost 80%, yet our net …

Chasing FIRE Interview #9 – John from Financial Freedom Countdown

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Today we continue our Chasing Fire interview series (<- click the link to see all interviews in this series). I have always enjoyed reading and listening to interviews to learn how people got to where they are, so as to learn from the successes and failures of others. Each individual’s story and path is unique, and we can certainly gain insights from those generous enough to share their stories. My job as the host is to find interesting people that will inspire and motivate you, as well as myself. I plan to share one high-quality interview per month (maybe even less frequently) and the questions may change over time. I anticipate this to be an iterative process and I would love your feedback in …


FIRE Starter – Tips on How to Grow Your Net Worth in the Early Years

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You can find all of Zach’s previous posts here. Today, Zach is going to discuss how you can grow your net worth in the early years. Many people miss the fact that compounding takes a decade or longer to really work its magic. That is why I push the income side of the equation so hard. Your contributions (the gap between your income and your spending) make up the majority of your net worth for at least the first ten years in most cases. You could be the exception to the rule, but I wouldn’t bet my – or your – financial future on that. I even wrote a post about the inflection point of contributions vs. compounding (that you …

Income Report

September 2019 – Detailed Financial Report #57 – Net Worth $1,360,455 | Income $32,342

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GYFG! The blog officially turned five years old last month. It doesn’t seem possible but it happened. This blog has been a critical ingredient to my success over the last five years in several key ways: It’s held me accountable to my goals. It’s allowed me to solidify my philosophies. It’s allowed me to document my journey. It’s allowed me to connect with AMAZING people.  My original goal was to stick it out for three years…but here we are those three plus two more! Blogging has become a part of my identity.  I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. My new goal is to make it to the ten-year milestone. I figure I’ve made it five years, why …

Tax Consequence If My Wife Stops Working

Done by 40!

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I knew that building a business was going to be a lot of work but I significantly underestimated the effort required. Until my son was born in October of 2019, I already had a demanding job working 60-80 hours a week in my C-Suite role, but building a business while raising an infant is next level (big shout out to Mrs. GYFG for all the support during this new chapter in our lives). There are so many things that need to be done in a new business in order to have a solid foundation to scale from. I thought balancing my six-month notice period and building up the business would be a slight increase in effort, but it has pushed …