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Q4 2022 – Detailed Financial Report #88 – Net Worth $10,245,337

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Wow! I never imagined that it would take less than 100 financial update posts to reach my $10M net worth goal, yet here we are. Of course, I did switch from monthly to quarterly updates this year but that still would have put me at 96 posts vs. 88. It’s a little bittersweet that this is the last financial update in this format that I will be providing. My plan is to move to more of an annual letter format that will be part financial update, part reflection, and part projection. I have to spend time really thinking through what I want to share going forward. A few call-outs: (1) I struck a sweet deal to sell the remaining 40% …

How I Turned $267 Into $20,500,000

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One of the things I love about blogging most is the historical reference points left in the posts I publish. I started a business in early 2019 with the full intention of selling it. Some people dream of building a business that they run and then pass on to the next generation. In contrast, the business I created was built to sell from inception to help accelerate my big hairy audacious goal of achieving a $10,000,000 net worth. The original goal was to accomplish this in 20 years or by the time I was 48. Fortunately, that timeline has proven to be very conservative and has actually happened in approximately seven years – hello $10,000,000. I say “fortunately” because my …