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October 2020 – Detailed Financial Report #70 – Net Worth $2,312,319

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I have officially made it to vacation! I’m typing this with an unobstructed view of the pacific ocean beyond my screen. I was finally able to take my foot off the gas in early October, right before my birthday. We started to prepare for a “soft landing” on our final “descent” into vacation by going out to Lake Meade the second week in October. It was glorious! We turned off our phones for three days. This was the first time in 15 years of going out to the lake that I didn’t bring a stack of books out to the lake with me. I told my wife and her parents that I planned to just relax…like, really relax, in a …

[Guest Post] C-Money Shares His Path From Earning $35,000 to $175,000+

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Today I’ve asked another one of my proteges to write a guest post. “C-Money” and I first crossed paths back in 2012 when we found ourselves working at the same company. You will get a more detailed back story below, but the short story is we stayed in touch after we both had departed from our previous employer. Then in 2018, I was hiring for a new position on my team and that led us to an opportunity to get closer both on a personal and professional level. I’ve always derived joy from seeing others succeed, especially when I can help them open their minds to get past their own self-limiting beliefs (BTW – these are not always conscious beliefs). …