Income Report

January 2020 – Detailed Financial Report #61 – Net Worth $1,767,532 | Income $48,427

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And now…we return to our regular programming! January was a fantastic month filled with so much growth even if it had me overwhelmed at times. In my recent posts, I thought it was important to show the other side of coin for a super achiever. I share my journey to inspire and motivate others but I also want to represent the whole story and keep it real. I love celebrating my successes as much as the next person but every success is built on the back of struggle. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies. I don’t want anyone holding me up on some pedestal as some freak of nature who only ever does well. That’s not how it is. I’m …

23-Year-Old Protege Earns $210,000 His First Year Out of College

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I know I said a few posts back that I would no longer be accepting guests posts but this is one that was already in the works and one I requested from my protege. I wanted him to capture a snapshot of where he is today – early in his journey to becoming a millionaire and reaching financial independence. He is only a year out of college and he is already earning multiple six-figures. He started to contribute to his 401k while still in college. He is THE model for all those compound interest charts that emphasize the importance of starting early. If you start early by saving and investing a modest sum you will no doubt become a millionaire …