My Guest Post with Even Steven Money

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Today’s post is a throwback from four years ago. From time to time I like to republish guests posts I wrote on other blogs in order to memorialize them here on my blog and also to reflect, to see what has changed and what has remained consistent with respect to my goals and philosophies. The Even Steven Money blog disappeared for a while, but the blogger recently brought the blog back online and it reminded me of this post. I have annotated it with my thoughts and updates from the current day perspective [in blue and in brackets]. Who are you and tell me about your reason for setting a goal of FI? My name is Dominic and I am …


FIRE Starter – Why Owning Assets Leads to Wealth & Freedom

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You can find all of Zach’s previous posts here. Today, Zach is going to discuss the importance of owning assets to build wealth and achieve freedom. Your worst enemy in your pursuit of Financial Independence is only being able to generate income by trading your time for dollars. This model doesn’t work, because in it, as soon as you stop working the money stops flowing. This is why it’s so important to create a gap between your income and your spending (that gap is filled with your savings). Remember the golden rule to financial independence is to spend less than you make and invest the difference wisely. You invest by acquiring assets, which in turn appreciate in value and produce …

Income Report

July 2019 – Detailed Financial Report #55 – Net Worth $1,297,960 | Income $70,107

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Seven months down and five months to go! My life has been consumed with my nine-month-old and my six-month-old. They are both my babies! My nine-month-old son is growing and developing so fast. Every day is a new adventure and a new mission to discover something new. As you get older, it’s easy to lose that natural curiosity that is innate as a child. Having a kid has certainly taught me to pause and enjoy the wonder that fills this world. I continue to look forward to re-discovering the world with my son. Then there is my six-month-old business and it too is growing so fast. The last six months have flown by and I can’t believe how fast the …

Open for Business

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For as long as I can remember I have pursued money-making ventures – now dubbed “side hustles” in today’s vernacular. Most of my ventures have produced positive economic value, meaning they made money. If you read my “About” page you will see that the plan has always been to eventually transition into full-time entrepreneurship. The one obstacle holding me back was finding an opportunity that offered an income stream that matched or exceeded my ability to earn by working a W-2 career. To date, my highest and best use from an earning’s standpoint has been to work for a company that paid me a regular paycheck. I graduated college about 11 years ago to a starting salary of $52,500. Today …