Waiting Was the Right Choice!

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As I type this my nearly three-month-old son is sleeping next to me on the couch. Oh boy, has our life changed over these past three months! We are stoked to be parents and amazed that we were able to create another human being. We are excited to guide our son into adulthood over the next 18 years. We look forward to experiencing the world with him. There are still so many firsts ahead. Mrs. GYFG and I had always been on the same page in that we wanted to wait to start a family until our thirties. We knew early that in order for us to be the parents we wanted to be that we would first need to …

Chasing FIRE

Chasing FIRE Interview #8 – Millionaire Doc

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Today we continue our Chasing Fire interview series (<- click the link to see all interviews in this series). I have always enjoyed reading and listening to interviews to learn how people got to where they are, so as to learn from the successes and failures of others. Each individual’s story and path is unique, and we can certainly gain insights from those generous enough to share their stories. My job as the host is to find interesting people that will inspire and motivate you, as well as myself. I plan to share one high-quality interview per month (maybe even less frequently) and the questions may change over time. I anticipate this to be an iterative process and I would love your feedback in …

Income Report

May 2019 – Detailed Financial Report #53 – Net Worth $1,171,429 | Income $91,688

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The GYFG household is officially mortgage-free. We made our last payment in person at the bank. To be honest, it was a bit of an anti-climatic moment. Don’t get me wrong: it feels great to have removed the shackles of such a large debt – a feeling that sadly is never achieved by most. After discussing this with Mrs. GYFG, we believe that it is just going to take time to sink in that we are mortgage-free. Since accelerating this goal, we have paid an additional $17,000/month against the principal of the mortgage for the past 17 months (yes, $289,000 applied to the mortgage in 17 months).  I’m sure our excitement will build as our cash reserves are able to …


FIRE Starter: The Power of Habits

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Zach spent his first three posts providing us with nine actionable tips for savings, investing, and growing wealth in your 20s (part I, part II, and part III). The information in that series could change the rest of your life if you were to follow it. He then shared “How Creating a Side Project Can Boost Your Marketability and Income.” Today Zach is going to discuss the power of habits. Our habits are either working for us or against us. Personally, I can attest to life-altering outcomes resulting from habits I developed. Don’t underestimate the power of your habits (current or future). I hope you enjoy Zach’s latest FIRE Starter post below. First, a Quick Reminder of Why I Started …