This Side Hustle Earns Me $3,188 per Hour

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One of my hobbies is to find new revenue streams that take minimal effort (and minimal time). In late 2017, The Wealthy Accountant (TWA) published a post on how he was earning $1,000/hour selling tradelines – that piqued my interest. I had no idea what a tradeline was before reading that article. But I quickly learned that a tradeline was just a fancy word for a line of credit. Lines of credit comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes but TWA was writing about one type in particular: credit cards. It sounded too easy. Too good to be true. I was skeptical but kept an open mind. After all, this was coming from TWA, who is worth $12M+ (according to …

Income Report

April 2019 – Detailed Financial Report #52 – Net Worth $1,110,940 | Income $27,134

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What a year 2019 is shaping up to be. Life never ceases to amaze or surprise me. Specifically, I started thinking about starting a consulting practice back in the summer of 2016 and almost secured some work back then. However, the timing wasn’t quite right. The idea was put on the back burner until it was brought back to life in June of 2018, with a discussion during a trip to Toronto of becoming a third-party consulting partner for a software company I know very intimately. Five years ago, I implemented their software at the company I work for, which automates and streamlines the Financial Planning & Analysis functions of an organization (among many other functions). It’s a great software, …

LateFIRE Chapter 4: A Tale of Two Houses, a 26-Bag, and $1.7M

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When you start late on the path to FI, there is URGENCY. There is no margin to make missteps. There is no multi-decade runway to recover from market turbulence, so “time in the market” trumping “timing the market” takes on a different nuance. Ask a person on the cusp on retirement in 2000, or 2008, what happened to that retirement fund left in a stock market account. Hence, I need to choose my steps carefully. I am in my mid-50s; my husband is 61. However, we also need to take swift and probably dramatic action to catch up and provide for the years ahead. Here is where we are. Any constructive thoughts you, GYFG reader, might offer to help, are …


Chasing FIRE Interview #7 – Erik from The Mastermind Within

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Today we continue our Chasing Fire interview series (click the link to see all interviews in this series). I have always enjoyed reading and listening to interviews to learn how people got to where they are, so as to learn from the successes and failures of others. Each individual’s story and path is unique, and we can certainly gain insights from those generous enough to share their stories. My job as the host is to find interesting people that will inspire and motivate you, as well as myself. I plan to share one high-quality interview per month (maybe even less frequently) and the questions may change over time. I anticipate this to be an iterative process and I would love your feedback in the …