From the Mailbag #3 – BK Shares His Success Since Reading The Blog

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“My takeaway from these past three years is to take massive action and to continue adding value to people around you.” – BK It’s been a while since I shared a piece from a reader writing in. The previous two email conversations I shared were from readers seeking some guidance, but today we have a reader sharing a success story. I don’t know about you, but I’m a real sucker for success stories.  RELATED: From the Mailbag #1 – Savings, Investments, Credit, and Debt RELATED: From the Mailbag #2 – I Want More, Can You Help? Below, BK shares his success in doubling his salary in just over three years. He realized that fortune favors the bold and asked for more …

FIRE Starter: Advice on Saving & Investing in Your 20s [Part 3]

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Zach is back with Part Three of his nine actionable tips for saving, investing, and growing wealth in your 20s. If you missed Part One or Part Two, take a moment to get caught up, and then come back to read Part Three. The information in this series could change the rest of your life if you follow it. A Quick Reminder of Why I Started This Series For the astute observer, you will notice that I have added three new series to the blog: LateFIRE, FIRE Starter, and Chasing FIRE. Notice a theme? They all capitalize on the explosion – one might say the COMBUSTION – in the FIRE (financial independence retire early) movement. But let’s set the record straight: on …

0% Interest

Confession: I’m a Sucker for 0% Interest Offers

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Not too long ago I came clean about my love affair of ten years. Today, I’m back at you with another confession. Please don’t be too quick to judge me until you read through the details. I’m a sucker for 0% interest. There. I said it. Well, I’m not a sucker for just any 0% interest offer – it has to be the right offer. My first experience with a 0% offer was back in college when I signed up for a credit card that came with 12 months of 0% interest. This was back when my savings account was paying 5%. So for 12 months, I played the arbitrage game and charged everything I could (tuition, books, groceries, gas, etc) …