Insurance: You Buy It for Peace of Mind but Hope You Never Have to Use It

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My friend Lynn is back to share part two (see Part One here) in a series of blog posts to educate us on the proper steps to take in order to be prepared in case of an emergency. Welcome back to Lynn’s take on life: planning, protection, preparation and proactive steps for you to begin now! Today, we’ll learn about how best to protect yourself, your loved ones, your income, your assets and your health with insurance. Note to all – this topic falls on the dry side (pardon the pun) of things to talk about; nonetheless, these are important matters – it is of vital importance to cover your assets! Life is unpredictable. Sometimes in amazing ways and other …

LateFIRE 2019 Goals

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What a year this has been! Thanks for the memories, 2018; it was another continuous 12-month adventure with so many things learned, both outside and inside myself. Looking ahead to 2019, I am excited. I have been thinking about this for months, and like Dom, have already started my actions towards these goals. Why wait? My plans and goals strategize four categories: Health, Finances, Business, and Personal Development. Health S-goals: stronger, smaller, sweatier, sleepier, sippier. My mom has Alzheimer’s Disease, which is one of the reasons I take my health seriously. I want to take any and all steps to reduce own my risks for developing AD. To that end, I am focusing on improving these five factors of health. …

Income Report

December 2018 – Detailed Financial Report #48 – Net Worth $1,012,865 | Income $46,533

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Celebrate! Celebrate! We are officially members of the double comma club! That was one hell of a marathon and it is SWEET to finally cross the finish line. But our race isn’t over yet. This is one of those multi-legged races and we have only completed milestone three out of five on our race to Financial Independence. Then, after that milestone, we’re reaching for the bonus challenge of leveling up from Financial Independence to Financial Freedom, which for us is achieving a net worth of $10,000,000 (GYFG household FI = $3,000,000; FF = $10,000,000). Keep in mind that it’s the 30th of December as I write this. If there is a significant decline in stocks on the last trading day of the …

Chasing FIRE Interview #3 – Denis From Chain of Wealth

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Today we continue our Chasing Fire interview series (click the link to see all interviews in this series). I have always enjoyed reading and listening to interviews to learn how people got to where they are, so as to learn from the successes and failures of others. Each individual’s story and path is unique, and we can certainly gain insights from those generous enough to share their stories. My job as the host is to find interesting people that will inspire and motivate you, as well as myself. I plan to share one high-quality interview per month (maybe even less frequently) and the questions may change over time. I anticipate this to be an iterative process and I would love your feedback in the …

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The Inflection Point Between Contributions and Compounding

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A lot of debate takes place amongst personal finance enthusiasts about which is more important: savings or compounding? The easiest answer is that they are both critical to building wealth. I have already discussed how important your savings rate is if rapid wealth building is your goal – rapid as in financial independence in 10-20 years. I even went as far as to call it the most important variable to wealth building. Compounding is an amazing and magical force. However, compounding zero for three decades won’t get you far in achieving your dream of financial freedom. Zero compounded at 8% – or even at 20% – or 100% – for 30 years is still zero! Compounding without savings is like driving a car without …