Happy & Healthy

If You’re Not Happy or Healthy, What Is the Point of Being Wealthy?

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I have many character flaws. This I know. But there is one thing I’m really good at – finding the positive in every adversity. I have found this skill, this ability to extract the lesson or silver lining, to be invaluable in my journey. It’s required me to develop a keen sense of self-awareness and an open mind. It allows me to convert, rather than accept, the cards I’ve been dealt, and to try to play the best hand I can. Currently, I am leaning hard into this ability, by necessity. For most of my youth and into my early twenties, I thought I was physically invincible. Don’t we all? I took on unsustainable workloads. I did workouts without regard to …

Warren Buffett

Straight Outta Omaha: OG Thoughts On Investing – Warren Buffett

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Here is part three in this Warren Buffett series (part one & part two), covering a few of the sections I have pulled out from the last 50 years of Berkshire Hathaway Letters to Shareholders, which I finished reading in October of 2017. Although the entire 50-year series was filled with a ton of business and investment wisdom, all the pieces that I pulled are from the past seven years. I admit a probable recency bias, whereby after reading almost 700 pages, I remember more of the recent letters than the older ones. Needless to say, you bet I will be reading through all those letters again in the future. For the selections of this post, I pulled Buffett’s insights and comments …

Income Report

March 2018 – Detailed Financial Report #39 – Net Worth $738,718 | Income $33,691

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Wow! I can’t believe that 25% of the year is now behind us. Has anyone figured out how to squeeze more than 24 hours out of a day? Or extract more than 31 days out of a month? Every crossed-out calendar page is a tangible reminder of how fleeting time is. Truly, it is THE most scarce and valuable resource we have, way more precious than money. You see, money can be SPENT or SAVED. But time, on the other hand, can only be SPENT. You may develop increased efficiencies in utilizing it, but you can never stockpile it. Once you spend it, it’s gone forever. This blog spends a lot of time talking about money, but at the end of the day, …

Financially Alert Interview

My Financially Alert Interview – If You Take Consistent Action, Over Time, the Results Are Exponential!

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The post below was originally written as a guest post on the blog Financially Alert over two years ago. It was a great experience, and I was happy Michael asked me to share my viewpoints. For me to read where my head was at then vs. now is such an enriching experience. What boggles my mind is how clear I was on my core financial philosophies back then, and how those have basically stayed the same for me, even though I feel like I have gone through so much evolution since writing this. Blogging has been a great barometer of growth and of what has remained the same! (1) Walk me through how and why you started your personal finance blog? Was the …