Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett And I Share Our Thoughts On Life and Debt

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In this Warren Buffett series, I have pulled out a few sections from the 50 years of Berkshire Hathaway Letters to Shareholders that I recently finished reading. Although the entire series was filled with a ton of business and investment wisdom, all the pieces that I have pulled for this series are from the past seven years. I will admit that it is probably due to a recency bias, whereby after reading almost 700 pages, I remember more of the recent stuff than older. Needless to say, you bet I will be reading through those letters again in the future. This particular piece came from the 2010 shareholder letter. The pieces I have pulled out are sections that resonated with me. So, …

Building a Career

Connecting The Dots Looking Backwards – Deconstructing My Career

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You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. – Steve Jobs I’ve always been a big believer that every experience acts as a stepping stone to your end destination, however momentary it may be. I tend to think of the destinations as I go more like waypoints along a much longer journey. Each arrival is only a snapshot in time and after a momentary pause acts as the starting point on the way to the next waypoint. Sometimes there’s a real awareness of how decisions and experiences will connect in the future; but most of the …

Wunder Capital

[Sponsored Post] Wunder Capital – Investment Returns From Everyday Sunlight – Earn Up To 7.5%

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The internet has revolutionized what we can invest in and how we can invest our money. These days it’s actually easier to make a list of things you can’t invest in, rather than those you can. There are now hundreds if not thousands of investment platforms popping up all over the internet. The internet has democratized and demonetized the barriers to investment, at least those that were once only open to the rich or institutional investors. Just as I am writing this post from the comfort of my home so to can you invest across any asset class imaginable. Unfortunately, there are still some investments that require you to be an accredited investor, like Wunder Capital, the investment platform I am going to …

September 2017 Income Report

September 2017 – Detailed Financial Report #33 – Net Worth $630,223 | Income $25,616

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GYFG here checking in for the September monthly financial report. If you have been reading these reports for a while you will notice that I have the same intro month after month. I do this for two reasons; a) for the newbies to the site (which make up about 50% of the site’s traffic), and b) to remind everyone what these reports are all about. By all means, if you have read the intro at least once, then please feel free to skip down to the “Summary of September 2017” section where the new content begins. For those of you that are new around this corner of the internet, I wanted to fill you in as to what these reports …

Don't Panic

How To View & Manage Your 401K To 7 Figures

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Before I get into what I have been doing wrong with my own 401K, let me tell you what I have done right. The one thing I have consistently done is contributed to my 401K and in most years maxed it out. That said, there are several mistakes that I have made over the past 8 years: (1) I have held way too much cash when I should have been fully invested. (2) I withdrew $10,000 as part of the downpayment on the house we now live in, because it was allowed penalty-free (but not tax-free). (3) I didn’t take full advantage of the max contribution limits. (4) I borrowed from my 401K not once but twice. Since I started …