FOCUS: Follow One Course Until Success

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Do you find yourself getting distracted from the core of what you set out to accomplish this year? If so, it’s an appropriate time to remind you to FOCUS and to recite what this acronym stands for:

Follow One Course Until Success

It’s natural to get off course. If you think about it, a space craft headed to the moon is only on course 1% of the time. The remaining 99% of the time it is actually course-correcting, buffeted off a straight trajectory by unforseen factors and occurrences, redirecting itself back on track to its destination. The important thing is that the space craft has the right systems and disciplines in place to redirect back towards the goal when it gets off course.

Like the space craft, to stay on track, you need systems and disciplines, too.

It is easy to get caught up in “shiny object syndrome” when you start seeing some success. You start to think to yourself, “if this is going so well, maybe I should also do this and that and this other thing.” However, this only distracts your focus. And magnified focus can be a powerful thing.

This doesn’t mean you should not explore those new ideas, but in your journal for safe keeping. Eventually things will lighten up and you will be ready to tackle another endeavor. The important thing is not to divert any momentum that is currently being experienced in the big project or goal you’re currently working on. Instead of starting a new project before hitting critical mass, maybe it’s time to double down and do even more of what’s currently working.

Have you started way too many things only to watch them die? It’s time to stop that right now! It’s time to start leveraging the trading principle of duration, sticking with something long enough to see it through to the finish line. Or, put another way, be the tortoise in the old fable and take it slow and steady to the finish line.

You can still maintain the energy of the hare, but show up day after day with the persistence, discipline, and consistency of the tortoise.

If you can truly leverage the power of FOCUS, the probability of YOUR success is going to go through the roof.

– Gen Y Finance Guy

Gen Y Finance Guy

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