Big Money Moves

Big Money Moves in 2017 – Putting Over $250,000 To Work

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Do you plan your big moves out in advance? Or do you just fly by the seat of your pants? I believe that if you want to do something extraordinary in any aspect of your life, you have to be pre-meditated. That’s not to say there isn’t room for serendipity, but I can’t stress enough the importance of being intentional with the decisions you make, that will ultimately act as the stepping stones to your desired destination. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail! I don’t want you to look back on your life 40 years from now, only to be disappointed that you were not more intentional with the direction of your financial life. The reason that I …

Side Hustle to Main Hustle

[Guest Post] Turn Your Side Hustle Into Your Main Hustle

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Hey!  I’m Claudia Pennington, a digital marketing consultant and personal finance blogger over at where I’ve been writing about the journey to debt freedom and financial independence. Our personal finance journey began in early 2015 when we were living paycheck to paycheck.  We had some money saved in our respective retirement accounts, but we struggled to keep money in our savings and checking accounts.  Every dollar we made, we spent (and then some).  We had a credit card balance, a mortgage, and student loans. We tried for years to get ahead of our money, but nothing stuck.  We’d attempt to get out of debt, but then summer would roll around and we’d use credit cards to fund home improvement. …

January 2017 Net Worth

January 2017 – Detailed Financial Report #25 – Net Worth $524,993 [-0.5% for 2017 YTD]

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GYFG here checking in for the January monthly financial report. If you have been reading these reports for a while you will notice that I introduce each month with the same intro month after month. I do this for two reasons; a) for the newbies to the site (which make up about 50% of the sites traffic); and b) to remind everyone what these reports are all about. By all means if you have read the intro at least once, then please feel free to skip down to the “Summary of January 2017” section where the new content begins (click the orange link to be taken there automatically). For those of you that are new around this corner of the …

Saving Life with Life Savings

Using Life Savings To Save A Life – A Financial Decision Made From The Heart

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Today we are going to deviate from the normal finance content that I usually publish. Don’t worry this story will still have a financial decision that had to be made, but instead of being optimized by the brain, it was  instinctively made by the heart. Remember this sites mission is: “To Humanize Finance, Build Wealth, and Reach Financial Freedom” This means sometimes we have to skip all the rational math and go deep on something that is extremely EMOTIONAL and HUMAN. Many of you on my email list have received a good back story of where I come from. Others that have found me through other blogs know more about me than some of my closest friends. But then, there are plenty of you …