[Guest Post] Unconventional Finance

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Today we have a guest post from a fellow reader from the Bay Area explaining his Unconventional approach to his personal finances. Our guest Sean and I happen to have a lot in common and since a few email interactions back and forth have agreed to a little friendly competition to see who hits $1M in net worth first. As I publish this we are pretty close to parity with our net worth.  Take it away Sean… First of all, I wanted to say I respect everything being done at GYFG.  I have been a long time finance blog lurker over the last 4-5 years and I just recently stumbled across GYFG and it is the first one to really …

2015 Annual Expense Review

2015 Annual Expense Review [We Spent $137,542]

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It has been written on this site many times before, but is probably worth reminding everyone. We don’t put that much focus and energy into the expense side of the equation as we prefer operating within the 50/50 law and spending our energy increasing income.  For those of you that are new to this blog, the 50/50 law allows us to approach our finances with a very balanced approach, whereby we spend 50% of our after tax income (guilt free) and save the other 50%. We particularly like focusing on increasing our income due to the fact that the upside is unlimited. There is a floor as to how much you can cut your expenses. Compared to others in the …

Embrace Change

[Guest Post] Making Changes is Hard [Part 3 of 3]

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I’ve called myself to the carpet.  “Mr. CEO, make the changes you keep telling others to make.” Hopefully you have read my other two posts (#1 & #2), but if not, here is a quick update on what I’ve identified that I need to focus on more – my health, focused time on my family, adjusting my choices on how to spend my time, and then the budget.  I go into more detail in my other two posts, but that’s the gist of it. Since I started this whole realization of where I needed to improve, I’ve been working out more so I feel like I’ve checked that one off.  It’s not an everyday thing, but I have the wife, …

Freedom Fighter #21

[Guest Post] Freedom Fighter Interview #21 – Ground ZERO, with Zachary

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Today we have a special post from Zachary, who is still in college, but is already planning his path to financial independence. Zac had reached out to me after reading the blog for a few days looking for advice and direction on his path to financial independence.  Not really being in the business of advice, I shared with Zac some of my favorite websites I turn to for ideas. I also outlined a very generic path to get his juices churning. After several emails we agreed that it would be cool to start a new series that would cover Zac’s plan and progress to financial independence. What is really awesome about Zac, is that he is already thinking about this …

Performance vs. S&P 500

Equity Portfolio Update #1 [+39.5% @ 12-31-15]

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We have officially begun a new year and with that I have decided to start a new quarterly series. As many of you know that have been reading for any length of time, every month I put together a very detailed financial report that details out gross income, expenses, net worth, savings rate, and progress on the 7 year 3 month mortgage pay off goal. Since the report already pushes 3,000 – 4,000 words a month, I thought it would be more appropriate to provide details of the equity portfolio in an entirely separate post. Also, I don’t really see the benefit of updating this on a monthly basis, quarterly should be just fine. One of the guiding tenets of this …

2016 New Year

December 2015 – Detailed Financial Report #12 – Net Worth $317,727 [+75.2% for 2015]

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GYFG here checking in for the December monthly financial report. If you have been reading these reports for a while you will notice that I introduce each month with the same intro month after month. I do this for two reasons, a) for the newbies to the site (which make up about 50% of the sites traffic) and b) to remind everyone what these reports are all about. By all means if you have read the intro at least once, then please feel free to skip down to the “Summary of December 2015” section where the new content begins (click the orange link to be taken there automatically). For those of you that are new around this corner of the internet, I …

Thomas Jefferson on Wealth

[Guest Post] Thomas Jefferson – A Wealth Perspective

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Today we have a guest post from Wes of GenWiseWealth. You may recall Wes from the Freedom Fighter Guest Interview #11. He sheds light on one of our four founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson. Some time back I had the pleasure of attending an incredibly inspirational talk by one of the forefront experts on one of America’s greatest patriots, Thomas Jefferson.  The speaker, Eric S. Petersen, a prominent New York City Lawyer, has turned a 22 year passionate study of the life and times of Mr. Jefferson, and has profiled his exploration in a fantastic book entitled, Light and Liberty, Reflections on the Pursuit of Happiness. Jefferson’s legacy to the world included an innumerable volume of official papers (public addresses, reports, pamphlets, …