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FOCUS: Follow One Course Until Success

In Words To Live By by Gen Y Finance Guy17 Comments

Do you find yourself getting distracted from the core of what you set out to accomplish this year? If so, it’s an appropriate to remind you to FOCUS and to recite what this acronym stands for. Follow One Course Until Success It’s natural to get off course. If you think about it, a space craft headed to the moon is only on course 1% …

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Using Life Savings To Save A Life – A Financial Decision Made From The Heart

In Words To Live By by Gen Y Finance Guy49 Comments

Today we are going to deviate from the normal finance content that I usually publish. Don’t worry this story will still have a financial decision that had to be made, but instead of being optimized by the brain, it was  instinctively made by the heart. Remember this sites mission is: “To Humanize Finance, Build Wealth, and Reach Financial Freedom” This means …

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12 Books for Your Christmas List This Year

In Words To Live By by Gen Y Finance Guy19 Comments

I wasn’t and avid reader growing up, in fact I really didn’t start reading (voluntarily) until 2011 (I was 25 then). Now I read 40-50 books a year and spend about $1,000 every year on books (I actually just paid $1,000 for ONE book, but we will save that for another post). I’m currently working to put together a new resource for …

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The Slight Edge

In Words To Live By by Gen Y Finance Guy4 Comments

The Slight Edge is by far the best book I have ever read (so good that I just read it for the 5th time). It literally is the handbook to success regardless of the endeavor. It is a philosophy that has and will stand the test of time. This is the “Holy Grail,” if there ever was such a thing. Below is a …

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The True Financial Death!

In Financial Freedom, Words To Live By by Gen Y Finance Guy2 Comments

Do the thing, get the power. – Ralph Waldo Emerson It’s the day after Christmas and I find myself at a Starbucks at about 5:45am, while my wife and family are still sleeping for another couple of hours. We are just passing through for the night on our way to Bryce National Park. I was absolutely amazed how many people …