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PeerStreet – $0 to $77,089.49 in 5 Months

In Real Estate by Gen Y Finance Guy24 Comments

Reading Time: 4 minutesI wrote about PeerStreet for the first time back in March of 2017 after I had been invited to visit their HQ and interview their founders. Since then I have aggressively grown my investment accounts with them in a little less than 5 months. I want to take a deeper dive into the platform and the investments I’m holding in …

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[Guest Post] Readers Experience Investing in Real Estate on Crowdfunding Platforms

In Real Estate by Gen Y Finance Guy7 Comments

Reading Time: 6 minutesToday a reader takes control of the GYFG keyboard and shares his experience investing in real estate through various platforms, including my favorite PeerStreet (my $80,000 portfolio will be revealed in about two weeks). RadCrowd as he goes by online, has some great takeaways, so be sure to read entire post. By RadCrowd My journey into real estate crowdfunding began over a year ago …

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Cash-in Refinance – 16.5% Cash on Cash Return

In Financial Analysis, Real Estate by Gen Y Finance Guy29 Comments

Reading Time: 6 minutesMost of the time when you hear about refinancing it is usually along the lines of locking in a lower rate and/or cashing out during the refinance. You don’t read or hear much about a cash-in refinance and how the returns could really be worth consideration. My wife and I currently find ourselves about 10 years into the 5/1 ARM …

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Calculating Cost of Use – A Simple Solution to the Buy vs. Rent Choice

In New Rules, Real Estate by Gen Y Finance Guy22 Comments

Reading Time: 5 minutesOne of the interesting ways that I have come to look at things is by using the concept of the “Cost of Use.” Today I want to apply this concept to answer the ever controversial question of buying vs. Renting. As you have probably witnessed firsthand, like just about every topic in personal finance there is always a polarized stance …

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My Rich Uncles Got Me Into Commercial Real Estate

In Real Estate by Gen Y Finance Guy37 Comments

Reading Time: 6 minutesFor the past six months we had been thinking that our next big move would be to pick up a 2nd rental property. We were pretty set that we would do this sometime between September of 2015 and March of 2016. Living in Southern California, we were looking at investing in something with a price tag between $200K and $300K. …