The Kirby

Rant #6 – The Kirby Salesman Got Me in 2010 (for $2,200)

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Have you ever come across a salesman that was just so good that you forgot you were actually being sold to? When the Kirby salesman came to our condo in 2010, he did such a great job demonstrating the demo that I had to have one. He went on and one about the features & benefits: Kirby vacuums are made …

DIY Rant

Thursday Rant #4 – DIY Home Improvement

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If you have been hanging around the personal finance community for any length of time you have probably noticed a trend of DIY’ers (DIY = Do It Yourself). This is especially true from the bloggers that are part of the massive frugality movement. The most prolific of the bloggers, leader of the Extreme Frugality movement, Mr. Money Mustache has been known to …