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Using Options to Set Up Huge Profitability Ranges in SPY with Jade Lizard Strategy

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Many of you reading this have probably never sold or traded an option in your entire investing tenure. And most probably are still fighting the dogma you have been force fed about options being weapons of mass destruction. Or that options are much more risky than stock. Or that options are purely for speculation and offer huge amounts of leverage. When …

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My Trading Story – Podcast Interview with Brandon Clay

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I recently had the opportunity to share my trading story with Brandon Clay. You may remember Brandon Clay, he was our first guest featured in our Freedom Fighter interviews. Brandon recently launched his Trading Story podcast where he interviews part time and full time traders. He is personally in the process of living and defining his own trading story. In …

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Investing with Options – The Covered Call

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Over the years I have taught many friends and co-workers about stocks and options. This was actually one of many impetuses for me to start this blog. Too many people are fooled into believing that options are too risky and complicated. This just isn’t the case and I want to help take your investing to the next level. If you …