[Guest Post] Polaris Portfolios – Innovative Investing Towards Financial Freedom

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Today we have a gust post submission form Mike McDermott, cofounder of Polaris Portfolios. Mike reached out to me a few months ago to pick my brain about personal finance and roboadvisors. I admitted to him that I didn’t know much about roboadvisors and haven’t written anything due to my lack of experience putting any money to work with a …

Helping Family

Helping Family with Financial Issues

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Back in August of last year I published a rant post about co-signing for friends or family on loans. Okay, it was a rant, and going through the details of what went down the time I tried to help my dad out, got me all fired up. By the end of the post I was so angry that I declared …

The Green Swan

[Guest Post] How to Plan for Healthcare Costs

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Today I have a fantastic guest post from The Green Swan.  For those of you unaware, The Green Swan is a way of life designed for those who want to reach financial independence young and retire early.  The Green Swan recently published a book, be sure to check that out here.  Also, be sure to check out for his latest post. Healthcare is expensive …

This Blog is About

This blog is not about…but it is about…

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In order to tell you what this blog is about, I first must tell you what this blog is not about: Frugality – This is not another blog to join the frugality movement. That is already being taken care of very well with blogs like Mr. Money Mustache and the Frugalwoods. Although I would consider myself frugal in the sense that I try …


[Guest Post] Unconventional Finance

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Today we have a guest post from a fellow reader from the Bay Area explaining his Unconventional approach to his personal finances. Our guest Sean and I happen to have a lot in common and since a few email interactions back and forth have agreed to a little friendly competition to see who hits $1M in net worth first. As …

Embrace Change

[Guest Post] Making Changes is Hard [Part 3 of 3]

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I’ve called myself to the carpet.  “Mr. CEO, make the changes you keep telling others to make.” Hopefully you have read my other two posts (#1 & #2), but if not, here is a quick update on what I’ve identified that I need to focus on more – my health, focused time on my family, adjusting my choices on how …