2016 Q2 Portfolio Update

Freedom Fighter Interview #28 – Nick True

Gen Y Finance Guy Freedom Fighter, Interview 4 Comments

Today we have Nick True, a Mechanical Engineer, and a self proclaimed tightwad. He got married young, at 20 years old, and then proceeded to ruin his honeymoon. But he and his wife got through this, and learned core beliefs and principals that now guide their financial life. I hope you enjoy the interview below. Nick, the floor is yours… Let’s …

The Frugal Vagabond

Freedom Fighter Interview #25 – The Frugal Vagabond

Gen Y Finance Guy Freedom Fighter, Interview 11 Comments

Today, the blog is taken over by the Frugal Vagabond. He and his fiancé have already traveled to 30 different countries together and have no plan to stop traveling anytime soon. Actually, they are on track to hit early retirement in 2019, where they plan to become full time Vagabonds. Their goal is to accumulate $600,000 in stocks and bonds …

Tawcan No TV

Freedom Fighter Interview #22 – Tawcan

Gen Y Finance Guy Freedom Fighter, Interview 9 Comments

Today we have Tawcan as our guest for Freedom Fighter Interview #22. He is also our second Canadian to be featured on the blog. Can you believe he doesn’t own a TV and has been TV free for 5 years now? He is a photographer and avid dividend investor and is working to reach Financial Independence sometime in his 40’s. …

Freedom Fighter #21

Freedom Fighter Interview #21 – Ground ZERO, with Zachary

Gen Y Finance Guy Freedom Fighter, Interview 3 Comments

Today we have a special post from Zachary, who is still in college, but is already planning his path to financial independence. Zac had reached out to me after reading the blog for a few days looking for advice and direction on his path to financial independence.  Not really being in the business of advice, I shared with Zac some …

In The Money

Freedom Fighter Interview #18 – Matt @ Your Roaring Twenties

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Today we have our 18th Freedom Fighter interview in this series. The 2009 financial crisis motivated our guest Matt to devour blog, books, and podcasts on the topic of personal finance. He recently published a book called “Your Roaring Twenties: Avoid the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Life as a Twentysomething.” This book really came as a result of a conversation he had with …