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A High Income is the Road to a High Net Worth

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Today we have a guest post from ESI Money. I only recently found his site a few months ago, but totally resonate with everything he writes. He has leveraged his career to not only become a very high earner, but through that career built up a net worth in excess of $4M and retired early at 52. Over at his …

Blueprint to a $10M Net Worth [Updated]

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It was 18 months ago as of this writing that I first published my very rough plan to achieve a Net Worth of $10M and $50,000/month in income. When you put together such an ambitious plan that stretches over a 20 year period, you have to expect things to evolve. This post is my attempt to first give a status update …

Savings Rate vs. Compound Rate

Savings Rate – The Most Important Variable to Wealth Building [and the math to prove it]

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When it comes to wealth building there are many variables to consider, but as I have stated in my monthly financial reports many times, it’s the savings rate that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. This is especially true in the short run and when you are trying to accumulate wealth as quickly as possible (20 years or less). Yes, …

I wanna be a millionaire

How To Become a Millionaire – Joining the Double Comma Club

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They call it the double comma club and membership is open to anyone. Well, it’s open to anyone that is willing to practice simple disciplines of saving, investing, and living below their means. Let me clarify that when I say “living below their means”, I am not saying you have to live like a college student, instead you simply need …

Freedom Fighter Interview

Freedom Fighter Interview #2 – Steve of Think, Save, Retire

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Today we have the 2nd of a series of interviews. During this series we will be show casing other Freedom Fighters from around the world. I am excited to introduce you to our second guest, Steve from Think, Save, Retire. Read Steve’s awesome story below. And if you would like to be featured in the Freedom Fighter interview series then be sure …