Goal Check 10

Monthly Goal Check-in #10 – @ 11/1/2016

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The theme for October has been to focus on health and fitness. All of the financial goals have either been exceeded or are on autopilot to success through the end of the year. As I shared earlier in October, I placed a $1,000 bet with a co-worker, with the winner who loses the most weight winning. The bet was officially …

2016 Q2 Portfolio Update

Freedom Fighter Interview #28 – Nick True

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Today we have Nick True, a Mechanical Engineer, and a self proclaimed tightwad. He got married young, at 20 years old, and then proceeded to ruin his honeymoon. But he and his wife got through this, and learned core beliefs and principals that now guide their financial life. I hope you enjoy the interview below. Nick, the floor is yours… Let’s …


Polaris Portfolios – Innovative Investing Towards Financial Freedom

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Today we have a gust post submission form Mike McDermott, cofounder of Polaris Portfolios. Mike reached out to me a few months ago to pick my brain about personal finance and roboadvisors. I admitted to him that I didn’t know much about roboadvisors and haven’t written anything due to my lack of experience putting any money to work with a …

October 2016 Financial Report

October 2016 – Detailed Financial Report #22 – Net Worth $479,950 [+51.1% for 2016 YTD]

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GYFG here checking in for the October monthly financial report. If you have been reading these reports for a while you will notice that I introduce each month with the same intro month after month. I do this for two reasons; a) for the newbies to the site (which make up about 50% of the sites traffic); and b) to remind …

High Income Earner

What I Learned Working With Someone Making $1.5M a Year

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Today we have a guest post from Finance Solver, the blogger over at SolvingFinance.com. He is a recent college graduate with a degree in finance and is sharing his unique path to wealth building, just like the rest of us in the personal finance blogosphere. In the guest post to follow, Finance Solver is going to share what he learned …

Q3 2016 Portfolio Update

Equity Portfolio Update #4 [+17.1% YTD @ 9-30-16]

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We have officially closed out 9 months of the year, thus the need for another peek into the equity portfolio. As many of you know that have been reading for any length of time, every month I put together a very detailed financial report that details out gross income, expenses, net worth, savings rate, and progress on the 7 year 3 …

Weight Loss Challenge

My $1,000 Weight Loss Bet – 11 Weeks to Lose 44 lbs

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The past 18 months have been incredibly busy with signicatly more attention and focus on the trajectory of my career (and thus finances) then on my own health & fitness. Part of the reason that I set a workout goal and nutrition goal was to try to play defense against the carnage to my waistline that was coming. I tend to work …

Goal Check #9

Monthly Goal Check-in #9 – @ 10/1/2016

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We are officially down to the last 3 months of the year. This tends to be a very busy quarter for me on all fronts. With the exception of this year (which has been insane since it started), my busy season at work usually kicks in around mid-October and extends through January for annual business planning. Based on the past …