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[Guest Post] Take it to the Bank: The Best Checking Accounts in 2017

In General Information by Gen Y Finance Guy4 Comments

Over the last decade or so, the banking industry has grappled with all-time low interest rates, a languid economy and tough regulations. Against this backdrop, the going has been tough for most banks. However, banks are now getting proactive and reshaping their financial priorities to enhance their performance. In a nutshell, they are looking to make things “better and “safer” …

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PeerStreet – $0 to $77,089.49 in 5 Months

In Real Estate by Gen Y Finance Guy16 Comments

I wrote about PeerStreet for the first time back in March of 2017 after I had been invited to visit their HQ and interview their founders. Since then I have aggressively grown my investment accounts with them in a little less than 5 months. I want to take a deeper dive into the platform and the investments I’m holding in …

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[Guest Post] Welcome to Adulthood

In General Information by Gen Y Finance Guy5 Comments

It’s summer time and I’m making an active effort to unplug more than I have in the past. So, you will notice a few more guests posts than normal. I appreciate all of the other bloggers, freelance writers, and readers that have raised their hand to help keep the blog alive and well over summer. I hope you’re also taking …

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[Guest Post] Readers Experience Investing in Real Estate on Crowdfunding Platforms

In Real Estate by Gen Y Finance Guy6 Comments

Today a reader takes control of the GYFG keyboard and shares his experience investing in real estate through various platforms, including my favorite PeerStreet (my $80,000 portfolio will be revealed in about two weeks). RadCrowd as he goes by online, has some great takeaways, so be sure to read entire post. By RadCrowd My journey into real estate crowdfunding began over a year ago …

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My Dog’s Perspective on Frugality, Fun, & Finance

In Interview by Gen Y Finance Guy16 Comments

Do you ever realize how happy your dog is just being “present?” I think we could all learn a thing or two observing how a dog takes time to smell the roses (among other things). I often wonder what is going on in my dog’s mind. My wife and I will even go so far as to ask him questions …

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Passive Income – We Need $120,000 To Cover Our Living Expenses – Where Are We And How Do We Get There?

In Income Streams by Gen Y Finance Guy33 Comments

Late last year I shared a post with you guys on increasing the GYFG household income to $600,000 annually, and in that post there were two concerns that I said I wanted to start addressing in 2017: Concentration Risk – In 2016, approximately $27,000 of the $340,000 that we earned came from passive sources (or about 8%). The majority of the …