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Design The Life You Want Podcast – Make Today your “Tomorrow” (Mr. CEO interview)

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One of the things I have realized about myself since I started working on this blog with GYFG is how much I love the changes I am seeing in myself. I have spent entirely too much time saying, “Tomorrow!!!”

“Tomorrow I will start working out.”

“Tomorrow I am going to spend time working on a budget.”

“If I can just get through this month, tomorrow I will put money away for retirement.”

I think you’ve all been there.

I have made excuses time and time again about how I am going to make a change tomorrow or start something tomorrow.  In this interview I discuss how I stopped putting things off and started to make some changes I wanted to see in myself.  I had an absolute blast on this podcast with Shimeka Williams at Design the Life You Want ( and hope you enjoy listening to it.

Use the link above or listen to it right here:

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