The Path Is All Math

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A few weeks ago I heard a quote that really hit home with me:

“The path is all Math” – Unknown

I am naturally a numbers guy with a background in Finance and Analytics. I look at almost everything through the lens of a spreadsheet…at least at first glance.

Anyways, it got me thinking about the simple math that got me to where I am today. On September 29th of 2012 I was at my best shape ever at 188lbs with about 8-9% body-fat. A little over two years later I was sitting at 220.8 (12-28-14) lbs. So if you do the math, it’s no surprise as to why I gained almost 34 lbs.

I ran a cumulative calorie surplus of about 115,000 calories ((220.8 – 188) = 32.8, 32.8 * 3,500 = 114,800).

Again, doing the math, that means that over the 820 days that lapsed I averaged a daily calorie surplus of 140 calories. That is the equivalence of a can of coca-cola every day for 820 days strait.

22 days into my 2nd transformation adventure I have dropped 7.5 lbs. So far I have run a calorie deficit of 26,250 or an average daily deficit of 1,193 calories.

The moral of the story is that a small insignificant indulgence like a coke compounded over time can make a huge difference!

The good news is that that entire surplus can be taken care of faster than you would think. In my example, I think it can be done in about 3-6 months. At my current pace it will happen in about 97 days or just a tad over 3 months.

I am going to be much smarter about being consistent after I get back down to my goal weight and body fat %.

– Gen Y Finance Guy

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