42 Days Later…

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The last time I shaved my face was on my wife’s birthday 42 days ago on September 30th, 2014. Needless to say, I have a decent start to an awesome beard. Starting this blog has given me a huge opportunity to self-reflect and ponder the future. A lot has happened since I started this blog a little shy of a month and a half ago. Besides the beard, I have had amazing new opportunities open up at work. I absolutely believe that this blog has forced me to live more intentionally and the power of intention is alive and well. Now this doesn’t mean I will now abandon all the work I have done to diversify my income and reduce my monthly expenses. Because financial freedom is still the goal, which means that once I have more income coming in from other activities outside of the day job that I have the choice to quit or stay. The key being a choice, whether I execute that choice is irrelevant.

This is just a short and sweet check-in. Life is good!

– Gen Y Finance Guy

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